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Are you looking for a horse drawn carriage to make an occasion one to remember?

Then Equus Carriages is the company for you. With over 30 years’ experience in the horse industry, you can be sure that we will meet all of your specific requirements and go above and beyond for you every time. Whether it’s a wedding, prom or a corporate event Equus Carriages can help you arrive in style, with the majestic touch of our elegant horses and beautiful hand-crafted carriages.

We provide a unique one to one service that allows us to ensure we provide you with a truly bespoke horse-drawn carriage experience. We ensure everything from the horse’s harness to the colour of the horse’s plumes are exactly how you want it, we want your special day to be perfect.

Our horses are chosen not only for their beauty but for their kind and gentle temperament, they also bring a glamorous and classy element to any occasion. Our black horses are purebred Fresians, characterised by their flowing long manes and tails, and our white horses are purebred Lipizzaners, known for their trustworthy calm nature. All of our horses are extremely friendly and completely safe in even the heaviest of traffic jams. The welfare of our horses is paramount, they are a part of our family and we believe that because of this they love and enjoy the work they do.

For more information about our carriages call us today on 07522 171141 or alternatively email us on am@equuscarriages.com


1. What is the cost?

For a carriage and pair of horses complete with driver and footman in the South West prices start from £900.00 all inclusive.

2. What areas do you cover?

Here at Equus Carriages, we cover Gloucestershire, Avon, Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall.

3. What is the maximum mileage covered by the horse and carriage?

We do a maximum mileage of 5 miles with the horse and carriage.

4. What if the mileage is in excess of 5 miles?

Normally a car transfer needs to be organised for the beginning or remainder of the journey.

5. How fast do the horses travel?

The horses average at 10mph.

6. What are plumes?

They are ostrich feathers that attach to the bridles on top of the horse’s heads, which are available in a variety of colours.

7. What are drapes?

Drapes are also referred to as modesty sheets and are traditional for a horse-drawn funeral. They hang down the sides of the horse and were used to save the Victorian women from seeing anything the black stallion horses may have on show.

8. What colours do the plumes come in?

They come in most colours, White, Black, Red, Purple, Bright Pink, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Emerald Green, Orange, Gold, Salmon, Teal, Aqua Green and Silver.

9. How many people does the carriage seat?

Two people comfortably but four at a squeeze.

10. What happens to the horses whilst the service is happening?

The horses wait patiently outside whilst the service is in progress.

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